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Hey! My name is Serenique, and I can’t say that I’m a simple girl, because I can change my mood in a minute, from angry to really happy and I like to live my life as there is no tomorrow.


Even if I look like a little angel, with my smiley face and my big brown eyes, sometimes, when I want to play, my horns and my little tail show up. I’m a people person and I love to have fun, but if you want to have fun with me you will have to be polite and appreciate me. I’m a devil or an angel, a good girl or a bad girl, but this depends on the people around me.


My friends say about me that I have the power to bring happiness to the people around me and make them feel rare and special and that I never quit smiling. I think this says a lot about me, being exactly what I always wanted to be and it makes me happy that people around me see me that way.


But if you want to know more you should try and get to know me.

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